Gongs played by Steve Mazabow - Australia

A Universe Gong® manufactures Planetary Gongs and others made of Nickel, located in Aveiro, Portugal, following international standards and Hans Cousto's frequencies to produce them, as major companies do.

A major difference from major companies is that it produces on demand and manufactures the Gong with the intention and for the energy of the buyer, rather than a commercial "product."

All Gongs are produced to the sound of Mantras.

The Gong is one of the most Sacred forms of Self-Knowledge! The goal is to promote its use. The amount charged is the fair value (raw material + labor) and not profit for profit.

It must be kept in mind that being Gongs completely handmade, each Gong is a unique piece, difficult to guarantee two visually identical gongs and they may present slight differences between them in their appearance. As an example, two "Sun" gongs will have the same frequency but their appearance will not be exactly the same (as happens with other manufacturers).

A Gong is a Gong and as "Don Conreaux," the Grand Master Gong, says: "All Gongs are good!"

Unlike international manufacturers, we produce Planetary Gongs in various dimensions and not just in the dimension that has been imposed on us over the years.

Galaxy Gong Feeling 2022