Environmental responsibility

Universe Gong manufactures the Gongs manually, but in some tasks, energy use is fundamental, such as lighting, grinding machines and others.

We use renewable energy, using solar panels.

The water used is obtained through a machine that converts the moisture into water that uses the generated solar energy.

The use of plastic to package the Gongs is 90% recycled and 100% recyclable. The packaging cardboard is fully recyclable.

Social responsability

At Universe Gong, all employees receive the same salary, as they are all equally important in our organization (it is possibly one of the few organizations in the world that applies this principle).

All employees are remunerated in a dignified manner, so that they feel happy and fulfilled.

Everyone works safely, with all the necessary protective equipment, with work insurance and with all rights and dignity.

All our suppliers are obliged to guarantee respect for their workers and the payment of decent wages. All our suppliers, raw materials and consumables, originate in the European Union to ensure complete compliance with these rules.

Humanitarian Responsibility

Universe Gong®, in addition to making gongs and organizing seminars, is also an agent of promotion and human dignity.

Solidarity and humanitarian actions are part of our DNA and at this moment, we support Peace, helping Ukraine and its people.

The project "Gongs for Ukraine" involved students, friends and suppliers to raise funds to help with the acquisition of necessary equipment, orphan children welcomed in Poland, purchase of medication for refugees.

Universe Gong® has a collaborator who is a refugee from the Ukraine, in the same condition as the other collaborators (salaries and rights) and internally, he is not considered a refugee, but a collaborator.

Why do we make Gongs?

Miguel Lourenço was a computer programmer for 30 years and the Gongs changed his life and he decided to share the benefits of using the Gong with all those who crossed his path.

Disagreeing with the way the Gong is manufactured and marketed (as a product, combined with other ways of thinking), he decided to create his own gongs, using the same way of tuning the world giants, but applying the principle "One person, one Gong", making custom gongs.

How we make our Gongs

The respect we have for the Gong is total, so all our Gongs are made to the sound of Mantras, in peace and tranquility. No rush, no pressure, in the consciousness that we produce a sacred tool that will be valued by those who receive it.

We have a small stock for those who are in a hurry to have a Gong, but we value production to order, knowing the customer and listening to his wishes.

We do not produce on an industrial scale or in an industrial way. We make a Gong for a specific person!

Who are our customers?

All those who wish to have "the Gong" and not "a Gong". And all those looking for something unique and different, because we are all different!

Where are our customers?

Although we have only been producing Gongs since 2019, our Gongs have already reached several continents and many countries. In fact, just as Sound has no nationality, it doesn't matter which countries our Gongs have arrived in, but there are already several.

Are our Gongs better?

When we started our production, we didn't waste a second in making comparisons with what exists on the market, as it was never nor is our objective to copy or make the same as what exists.

The manufactured gongs are unique, different, distinct. Making comparisons, in our view, is a waste of time.

They are not better or worse, they are what they are. unique!